Welcome to Morph Productions the working space for myself, Toronto music producer Ashton Price. In the 17 years that I have been working professionally in the music industry I've worn many hats. That of music producer, music engineer, songwriter and session musician to name a few. I've worked on projects with small indie artists to artists signed to big record deals. All of these experiences have cumulated into who I am today, a passionate and knowledgeable person who loves working on many different types of music and audio projects.

Services I offer include:

Music Production

Music Writing and Composing

Recording and Mixing

Session Musicians

Consulting and Production for DIY Recording Projects

Dialogue Recording (Corporate/Audio Books/ADR)

Check below to hear some of my work and read about some of the exciting things that have been going on at the studio.

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Congrats Kayla Diamond!

Congrats to Toronto Singer/Songwriter Kayla Diamond for winning the "It's Your Shot" competition and getting signed to Slaight Music with demos recorded at Morph Productions!


5.5 million and going strong!

Tep No's "Last Ones Standing" track I contributed guitars to is still going strong with 3.5 million streams to date. We have another license coming up too. Check it out here:

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Redwind vocal recording

Hamilton/Toronto duo Redwind has been recording vocals for an upcoming EP they're working on. They're doing some very intelligent electronic music.


"Took a Pill in Ibiza" cover

Chicago producer, singer Kayla Diamond and I did a cover of the hit "I Took a Pill in Ibiza"