Toronto Recording Studio Pricing

Here are our rates for services offered. Please click on service to get the pricing.

$60/hour (taxes included)
* Please note there is a 2 hour minimum session length.
For indie artists production is included in the studio time price. Labels contact us for a quote
$250/beat production. Publishing and writing credits to be negotiated. Note the beats are not intended to be completed songs or instrumentals. You buy the basic beat and then pay the studio rate if you want to develop it further for your particular song. For examples of what you get as a beat please listen to the "Beat Demos".

Ashton Price

$100/song for bass

$100/hour for guitar, keyboard programming and vocals (price includes studio time)

Additional Session Players

$100-$200/song for one of our many session musicians. Contact us for a price on a specific musician/instrument

Hourly Clients- Payment due at the end of a session

Production/Project Price Clients- 50% of the cost due up front with the remaining payment made upon completion of the project. Monthly payment plans are available for bigger projects.

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars. Taxes not included unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change without notice. Payment can be made with cash, cheque, EMT or Visa/MasterCard (sorry, no debit).